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== Projects & Publications ==
== Projects & Publications ==
== Heraldry ==
== Heraldry ==Vert, a pall inverted between two crosses of Cleves Or and a sword proper.
== Awards and Achievements ==
== Awards and Achievements ==

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== Introduction ==Geoffrey d'Ayr of Montalban is a younger son of a minor Anglo-Norman family holding lands primarily in Wales ("They came over with the Conquest and kept heading West until they found something small enough to conquer"). As a younger son, he felt he could best find a fulfilling career in the Church - which ever one was in favor at the moment - and has risen to the rank of Bishop of the small and obscure see of Apsoluddly Nwehr in Mortshire, Wales. While primarily a fringe player in the English late-16th Century to early 17th Century court, he will shamelessly adapt to whatever time and place he finds himself, with a distinct preference for the Italian Renaissance, with side trips to Japan, India, and several other cultures. Geoffrey's first SCA event was a Twelfth Night in Myrkwood in 1972, and he has been hanging about ever since.


== Offices & Positions == Over the course of many years, Geoffrey has held many positions, mostly in the East Kingdom, where he lived in the Barony of Bhakail from 1972 through 2014. He has been Exchequer, Herald and Seneschal of Bhakail, Vicar three times, Brigantia Principal Herald of the East, an authorized fighter (Pennsics 2 and 3), warranted Marshall off and on through the 1970's, Deputy Kingdom Marshall (for paperwork) and Kingdom Seneschal of the East. He gave up that job to be the first member of the Board of Directors of the Society from East of the Rockies, during the early 1980's. After a fallow period of about 15 years, during which his mundane career (Public Health Program Manager) took over his life, Geoffrey retired, left behind everything and everyone he knew in Philadelphia, and moved to Charleston SC (Canton of Tear-Sea's Shore in the Barony of Hidden Mountain). Now an Atlantian of some 6 years, he has been Canton Exchequer, Baronial Seneschal, and is now both Baronial Exchequer and Coral Branch Herald, Exchequer for the College of Heralds of Atlantia.

Projects & Publications

== Heraldry ==Vert, a pall inverted between two crosses of Cleves Or and a sword proper.

Awards and Achievements