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== Awards and Achievements ==
== Awards and Achievements ==
9/2/2017 '''Award of Arms''' (Atlantia) Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday (Raven's Cove) Cuán VII and Signy I
2/24/2018 '''Companion of the Opal''' (Atlantia) Tournament of Ymir 43 (Windmaster's Hill) Amos II and Kára II
8/8/2018 '''Companion of the Silver Osprey''' (Atlantia) Pennsic War XLVII (Æthelmearc) Dietrich II and Una I
10/20/2018 '''Drakkar's Prow''' (Atlantia) (Raven's Cove) War of the Wings XIII (Atlantia) Lochlainn and Edan
3/30/2019 '''Black Gull''' (Atlantia) (Raven's Cove) The Barony of Raven's Cove Unbirthday (Raven's Cove) Lochlainn and Edan

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Awards and Achievements