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Epy Pengelly, Armiger (they/them)


Epy lives in Highland Foorde. You can find them most often with the equestrians, but they also greatly enjoy performing music in ensembles. They are a member of Laydes Fayre (since Fall 2019), and likes to play in the pit band for dances/balls when able. Currently serving as the Minister of the Lists of Highland Foorde, Epy also tries to stay active as an Equestrian Marshal or Autocrat of an event.

Epy's name came from a lost bet, and they saw it through by registering the name. It is a Cornish name, from the 10th - 12th c. They do not strictly adhere to this region or time period for a persona, but do tend to dress in the looser-fitting clothes of this era.

Music: They play the tenor viol da gamba, viola, violin, and sings.
Particular interests include: Gothic architecture (particularly cathedrals), late medieval English literature, equestrian things
Things they want to learn more about: clothing, naalbinding, weaving, metal-working/blacksmithing, non-Western cultures
Court preferences: Prefers small courts (as small as possible), virtual awards okay

Things They've Taught:

  • Taught "The Medieval Horse" at UA96
  • EqMIT: Battle on the Bay 2017
  • MOLIT: St. Paddy's Day Bloodbath 2018
  • MOLIT: Defending the Gate 2018
  • EqMIT: Ruby Joust 2018
  • EqMIT: Highland River Melees 2018
  • Taught "Stained Glass of Chartres Cathedral" Pennsic University 2018
  • Taught "Typecasting in the Canterbury Tales" Pennsic University 2018
  • EqMIC: Highland River Melees 2019
  • MOL: Storvik Unbelt and Novice Tournament 2019
  • Autocrat: Highland Havoc 2019
  • Baronial Minister of the Lists begins July 2020
  • Taught "Stained Glass of Chartres Cathedral" UA105
  • Taught "Psycho Horses! A case study of the British Library’s Psychomachia" UA105
  • Autocrat: Virtual Highland Havoc 2020
  • Taught "Virtual Visit: Neues Museum" Shire of Roxbury Mills A&S Night Dec 2020
  • Taught "Virtual Visit: The Israel Museum" UA106
  • Taught "Typecasting in the Canterbury Tales" UA106
  • Taught "Virtual Visit: The National Museum of Korea" Canton of Whyt Whey Saturday Night Solar

Awards and Honors:

For most up to date information, please see the OP Entry

  • Baronial Bardic Champion 2018
  • Baronial Award of Excellence - Highland Foorde 2018
  • Companion of the Opal 2018
  • Companion of the Peak - Highland Foorde 2018
  • Companion of the Quintain 2019
  • Companion of the Order of the Hart - Highland Foorde 2019