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(Fealty Relationships & Household Affiliations)
(Fealty Relationships & Household Affiliations)
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Peer to:  
Peer to:  
*[[Diana of Windmasters hill|Lady Diana of Windmasters Hill]]  
*[[Diana of Windmasters hill|Lady Diana of Windmasters Hill]]  

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Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood

Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood

Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood
Resides: Barony of Windmasters Hill
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Azure, on a bend sinister wavy cotised argent three roses proper.

Registered Arms


Dame Elizabeth of Rosewood has been active in the SCA for many years. As a very active member, she is an Atlantian heavy fighter, Marshall, and Chirurgeon. Her skills on the list field and her small stature inspired her motto, "Death from below".

She is service oriented and received her Pelican on May 28, 2016 at Ruby Joust after being belted to her Peer, Dame Morwenna Trevethan since October 12, 2012.



Azure, on a bend sinister wavy cotised argent three roses proper.

Fealty Relationships & Household Affiliations

Founding member of the household Rosewolf Haven

Peer to:

Former protege to Dame Morwenna Trevethan

Former squire to Sir Iain Monlach

Offices & Positions

Current .....

Past .....

Projects & Publications


Awards & Achievements

Date Award Name Event Bestowed By
7/24/1993 Grant of Arms (Atlantia) Assessment (Black Diamond) Cuán I and Arianwen I
3/5/1994 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Coronation of Anton and Luned (Caer Mear) Kane I and Muirgen I
4/5/1997 Augmentation of Arms (Atlantia) Coronation of Cuan and Bera (Caer Mear) Logan I and Arielle I
1/29/2000 Award of the Shark's Tooth (Atlantia) Ice Castles (Black Diamond) Amalric I and Caia I
1/25/2003 Companion of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) Ice Castles and Baronial Investiture (Black Diamond) Cuán IV and Pádraigín I
2/18/2006 Companion of the Sable Blade (Atlantia) (Black Diamond) Ice Castles and Black Diamond Baronial Investiture (Black Diamond) Raven and Avelyn
7/10/2010 Honorary Subject of Black Diamond (Atlantia) (Black Diamond) Kings Assessment (Black Diamond) Mac Con and Graciela
4/13/2013 Companion of the Sacred Stone (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone) Drums of War IV (Baelfire Dunn) Oshi and Sine
7/6/2013 Award of the Shark's Tooth (Atlantia) King's Assessments (Black Diamond) Amos I and Ysabella I
2/22/2014 Court Baroness (Atlantia) Tournament of Ymir (Windmaster's Hill) Ragnarr IV and Lynette I
4/25/2014 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia) Blackstone Raid XXIII (Æthelmearc) William I and Kára I
6/28/2014 Companion of the Phoenix Claw (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone) Return to Crecy (Salesberie Glen) Oshi and Sine
9/5/2015 Companion of the Phoenix Heart (Atlantia) (Sacred Stone) Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday (Sacred Stone) Marc and Alianor
5/7/2016 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Atlantian Spring Crown Tournament (Sacred Stone) Dietrich I and Thora I
5/28/2016 Mistress of the Pelican (Atlantia) Ruby Joust (Caer Mear) Dietrich I and Thora I
1/28/2017 Companion of the Fettered Crane (Atlantia) (Black Diamond) Ice Castles (Black Diamond) Girard and Maaline
2/25/2017 Companion of the Kitty Hawk (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill) Tournament of Ymir and Baronial Investiture (Windmaster's Hill) Daemon and Typhaine
9/2/2017 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday (Raven's Cove) Cuán VII and Signy I
9/2/2017 King's Award of Excellence (Atlantia) Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday (Raven's Cove) Cuán VII and Signy I
10/20/2017 Companion of the Tempest (Atlantia) (Windmaster's Hill) War of the Wings XII (Sacred Stone) Daemon and Typhaine

Order of Precedence Entry