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Edwin has spent most of his life in the Barony of Lochmere, with a brief stint in Black Diamond and currently residing in Tir-y-Don. There was also a span of years spent living in exile in Midrealm, but we don't talk about that.


Edwin Munro is a Scot, born in 1599, currently adventuring in France. He particularly enjoys rapiers and adult beverages, the combination of which often leads to trouble.

Offices & Positions

Projects & Publications

Edwin created and runs the Facebook group, "SCA Virtual Gold Key - Pay It Forward! (Unofficial)". Edwin created this group after experiencing tremendous generosity, receiving an epically beautiful piece of custom garb. This inspired Edwin to create a group with the mission of helping new SCA benefit from the spirit of generosity which is so prevalent in the Society. Though many local groups operate their own "Gold Keys", there are also many people who are unable to benefit from a well-stocked Gold Key, or may be too shy to ask for help. The Virtual Gold Key allows SCAdians who have been in the Society for a while and acquired a collection of garb and gear which they do not need, and enables them to assist those who would benefit.



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Awards and Achievements

Edwin has been active in the SCA for two decades, but has yet to receive an award of any sort, which makes him sad.

Edwin did complete the 100 Day Pell Challenge, earning the title of Reaper