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Alexander Makcristyne in Pumpkin Pants.
Resides: Live in Fayetteville, NC, Plays with Windmasters Hill
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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Or, in pale two ravens within a bordure sable


Thegn Eadulf Beornwaldes sunu Formerly Known as Thegn Alexander Makcristyne

Currently resides in Fayetteville, NC. and plays with the Barony of Windmasters Hill.

Recently Moved from the East Kingdom in July of 2019 to see my exploits in the East Kingdom here is a link to my East Kingdom Wiki https://wiki.eastkingdom.org/index.php?title=Alexander_Makcristyne


I am currently a late 7th century Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon. I have always dabbled in this time frame, but until a few Pennsics ago did I nail it down the exact time frame and culture I wanted.

Offices & Positions

  • Warranted Thrown Weapons Marshal (East Kingdom, 2003 - Warrant closed in the East 2019
  • Warranted Archery Marshal (East Kingdom), 2006 - 2015
  • Became Shire Thrown Weapons Marshal Marshal of Eisental, 2011ish - 2012
  • Seneschal of Incpt. Shire of Archers Ford, 2013 - 2016
  • Barter Town Sheriff 2013 - Current
  • Warranted Fencing Marshal (East Kingdom), 2014 - 2016
  • East Kingdom War Point Coordinator (Pennsic) 2015 - 2017
  • Became the Thrown Weapons Marshal of Hartshorn-dale 2017 - 2018
  • Warranted Thrown Weapons (Atlantia) 2019 - Active
  • Baronial Thrown Weapons Marshal Windmasters Hill 2019 - Active
  • Deputy Seneschal Windmasters Hill 2019 - Active

Event Staff

  • Pennsic Thrown Weapons Marshal 2003-2015,
  • MIC Thrown Weapons & Archery Marshal for EKWC (Eisental) 2012,
  • Pennsic Archery Marshal 2012 & 2013,
  • Event Steward for St. Aegir's brewing Festival 2013 - 2016,
  • SCA Barter Town Sheriff swap meet Pennsic 2013 - 2017,
  • Pennsic Volunteer War Point Coordinator 2015 - 2017
  • Alcohol Coordinator for Know World Party at Pennsic 2015,
  • Bartender (devil) of Liqueurs at Queen's Tea 2015,
  • Event Steward for RP Shire Wars V Oct 16-18 2015
  • MiC Thrown Weapons at Shire Wars VI Oct 14-16 2016
  • Brewing Village Coordinator at Artisan's Village June 16-18 2017
  • MiC Thrown Weapons at Shire Wars VII Oct 21-23 2017
  • Brewing coordinator/Room for Known World A&S Hartshorn-Dale March 9-11 2018


  • Mead brewing 2005 - still brewing,
  • Several meads paneled by the IKBG Pennsic 2006 - 2016,
  • Won the Barony of Settmour Swamp's brewing competition, March 2014
  • 14th century Period mead paneled by EKBG 2014
  • Mulsum (period dry wine) paneled by EKBG 2015
  • Created a 1393 French Bochet (brewing Abbey aided) 2015
  • Created several Liqueurs for Queen's Tea 2015
  • Created a Kropnikas for EKBG pannel 2015
  • Created a Cyser for EKBG pannel 2015
  • Created a Hippocras for EKBG pannel 2015
  • Barony of Bhakail's Brewing Champion Dec 2015-2016
  • Competed in 2016 K&Q A&S
  • Created a Karwijzaad (Kummel) for EKBG pannel at Mudthaw 2016
  • Created a Gruit for Artisan Village 2016
  • Taught Beginning & Advanced Mead Brewing at Pennsic 2016
  • Created Sir Digby's Raspberry White Wine for EKBG paneel 2017
  • Conducted 2 demos on how to make Basic mead over an open fire, one hands one for bystanders at Artisan's Village, June 2017
  • Co-taught a class at Pennsic 2017, Brewing over an open fire
  • Received the best of event for two meads reaching a score of 94/100 at River Wars 2017
  • Taught a class at Known World A&S Hartshorn-Dale March 9-11th 2018
  • Competed in the Atlantia Kingdom Brewer competition at YMIR Feb. 2019
  • Taught a Class "Basic brewing" at the Canton of Attillium Aug 2019

More Information

Protapp under Her Excellency Mistress Micheal Almond de Champagne, who recently just moved to Atlantia. I hold Thrown Weapons for the Physically challenged class every year at Pennsic. To go with the class at Pennsic I also run a tournament for Physically challenged.