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Baron Diego de Oviedo
Resides: Barony of Windmasters Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
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Registered Arms

Introduction - Mundanely

Diego joined the SCA in 1981. While serving overseas, the Kingdom of Drachenwald was just a principality then and a grand experience for me. In total, I spent 10 years in Drachenwald and I had the privilege of attending the first crown tourney won by Elffin O'Mona.


While it was a great adventure, professional commitments didn't allow for much in the way of attendance, much less service. I held a smattering of offices, unofficially, but didnt have much opportunity otherwise. Likewise, that's mostly what can be said for my opportunities as a fighter. I had a great teacher in the form of His Excellency, Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie. He can be seen in this next picture preparing to serve me a final lesson. I seemed to learn best when my legs received a "flesh wound"

I had several more opportunities to strut my stuff in 80 pounds of armor and stifling Scottish heat (no, really. Scotland can get hot). After charging the Portcullis a number of times and being thrown back at a castle ruin where we were having the event, I needed to sit. As I recall, I had a hard time getting back up and finally went back to my tent to strip off the sweaty steal and fell fast asleep.

My last days as a fighter came in 1996 when I was transferred to Omaha and the Kingdom of Calontir. Sadly, back problems forced me to shed more and more weight in armor and eventually had to hang up my sword entirely. Rotating from the hip-one of the few things I was good at-became problematic and just wasn't worth the trauma to the vertebrae. Not to worry though, I was outclassed by many and the realization that I was simply a mediocre fighter made it easier and an even wiser move to let it go.


While I have been associated with the SCA in one form or another for over 40 years, military and subsequent professional life made active membership quite spotty. There were literally years where I had no time whatsoever. To be sure I read and kept up with what was new and shiny, but there was a dearth of SCA events, friends, and chosen family. It was well in to the 2000's before that was to change.


I came to Atlantia in 2004. Employed by Homeland, I once again was plagued by bad schedules and demanding work life. Initially, I reengaged with the local groups in DC and Virginia but again fell off from regular attendance. It was only around 2017-18 that I was able to make things semi-permanent. I was happy!

I joined the Barony of Ponte Alto where I fully re-engaged with the SCA. I attended local events like "Bloodbath", other Baronial events like "Battle on the Bay", and kingdom events like "Twelfth Night" and numerous Crown Tournaments. It was at these events where I discovered one activity I really enjoy: retaining. To date I have retained for multiple crowns and baronies. By the end of the day my feet are dead weight, but the opportunities to become accustomed to traditions and to get to know the populous is unmatched. I highly recommend it!

With my early retirement a possibility, there is no telling what may be in store for me and the SCA. It has certainly been a surprise so far!



Diego Diaz de Oviedo is the second son of Diego Alonso Ramirez, a prosperous merchant in 15th century Spain, region of Asturias. Upon the death of his father in 1486, Diego Diaz inherited a small interest in the merchant shipping firm left by his father to his four sons. With the lions share of company control going to Alvaro, the first child, Diego was forced to seek other means of employment and adventure.

As a constable of the city guard, life was boisterous and exciting in Oviedo but it lacked the access to the sea and the rest of the world. Returning to Gijon, where Diego's father had previously established his small trading fleet of Carracks, he took a captaincy from his brother and plied the family trade up and down the Iberian coast. From port to port, this was the excitement Diego craved and what led to his greater wealth, experience and not a little love for most things Moorish.


In 1491, just before the success of the Reconquista and the conclusion to the Grenada War, Diego sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar Southeast by East almost directly into a headwind. On the one hand, heading southeast away from the coast of Grenada was only sane. Until the vestigial raiders out of Almeria could be destroyed, only a fool would ply his trade near the coast of the Reino de Granada; especially if those ships were laden with Spanish wool and the finest silk brocade bound for Venezia. Of course, failing to anticipate the storm on the other side of the strait and consequently having to veer deeply south toward the rebel stronghold of Cueta, on the coast of Africa, indicated a lack of wit as intense.

Tacking violently to shape a course loosely similar to North East by East as the contrary winds buffeted and rolled the ships this way then that, the lookout, straining to be heard over the wind and the pounding of the ships pumps, spotted two dismasted ships tethered precariously to a third ship not necessarily in much better condition. Through his looking glass the 1st mate spotted a flag flying from a makeshift mizzen mast. They were war ships. And the flag was Spanish.

Diego swore under his breath. If he was close enough to make out their identity, they too could see his. There was no running away and leaving them to their fate. If they survived and he rendered no aid, the family would be ruined. The wind wouldn't subside for some time. They threw out an anchor and just stared at each other.

When dawn came and the wind veered off the five ships had drifted further apart despite their anchors. By mid morning Diego had come along side the gallon restraining the other two. In the light of day there could be seen spars, cordage, masts, and other flotsam surrounding the warships. It looked like the ships had been in battle except that the damage wasn't done by any canon fire. Nature had truly mauled them in to floating wreckage.

Taking the gig across to the gallon, Diego met the ships captain on the gangway


  • Service through Administration: Because of my too often pronounced inability to attend events and be anywhere in person, over time I turned to positions within the barony and Kingdom to render service. As I have some many years of experience as a manager, it seemed like a reasonable accommodation between real life and the SCA. While I have somewhat more time now, I find I enjoy administration of organizations. This is my chosen field of service within the SCA. I hope to eventually serve as a great officer and in time commit to serving at the Society level as well.
  • Service: Serving Those Who Serve: This is just something I do because I see the occasional need at events. I enjoy running from one event venue to another and offering my "Stand-in" service for bathroom breaks, or running to get lunch or drinks for those stuck at troll or Goldkey for instance. We have so many volunteers but fewer people to serve them when they have need.
  • General Service: As mentioned previously, I enjoy retaining. I am always willing to serve when I am present at an event and also willing to teach the less experienced.
  • Arts and Sciences: I am not what I envision when I think of a "talented person". I am highly unlikely to Laurel. Nevertheless, Bookmaking and Bookbinding are my chief creative interests in the SCA. There are auxiliary skills related to bookbinding such as leathercraft and paper and parchment making that I also find interesting. I will pursue these skills at length.
  • Martial: Aside from the heavy fighting of which I can no longer partake, I enjoy Fencing. Unfortunately, I seem to be having some trouble now with my knees, especially while in the "En Gaurd" stance. For now, I've had to bow out of fencing; however, if I can correct the problem, I will return to it. While I haven't engaged them yet, I will pursue both Archery and Thrown Weapons. I am unsure of equestrian; however, I will partake if body and time allows.


Per chevron gules and sable, on a chevron between three lymphads sails set and oars in action Or, three anchors sable

Offices & Positions


  • Deputy Web Minister (Wiki Admin), Kingdom of Atlantia


  • Social Media Officer (SMO), Barony of Ponte Alto, Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Head Retainer, Barony of Ponte Alto, Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Deputy Chronicler, Knights Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald (unofficial)
  • Deputy Chatelaine, Knights Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald (unofficial)
  • Head Retainer, Knights Crossing, Kingdom of Drachenwald (unofficial)


  • Atlantia Wiki (on going)
  • SCA Informational Video Collection (incipient)
    * SCA "How Do You Do That" Series
    * SCA "Dirty Jobs" Series
    * SCA "Known World and Welcome To It" Series

Awards & Achievements

Awards http://op.atlantia.sca.org

  • 4/6/2019 Award of Arms (Atlantia)
  • 4/6/2019 Grant of Arms (Atlantia)
  • 9/7/2019 Award of the Undine (Atlantia)
  • 9/7/2019 Court Baronage (Atlantia)
  • 4/4/2020 Award of the Undine (Atlantia)
  • 10/10/2020 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia)