Cyriac Grymsdale

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Lord Cyriac Grymsdale
Resides: Barony of Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Cyriac Grymsdale
Registered Arms


Cyriac resides in the canton of Aire Faucon within the baronial lands of the Sacred Stone. He can often be found at the Sunday Charlesbury Crossing practice and Aire Faucon gatherings.


Cyriac Grymsdale is a chronicler in 15th century England, who often travels to tournaments to record on goings in the manner of Froissart.

Projects & Publications

Offices & Positions

  • Warlord - Barony of the Sacred Stond
  • Webminister - Kingdom of Atlantia's Minister of the Lists
  • Webminister - Canton of Aire Faucon
  • Armored Marshal - At Large
  • Marshal-in-Charge - Tourney at Elchenburg Castle, Canton of Charlesbury Crossing
  • Autocrat - Market Day, Canton of Charlesbury Crossing
  • Webminister - Kingdom of Atlantia's Heralds
  • Webminister - Kingdom of Atlantia's Seneschals
  • Webminister - Barony of the Sacred Stone
  • Webminister - Kingdom of Atlantia's Chatelaine
  • Chronicler - Canton of Charlesbury Crossing