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| photocaption = Lady Cyneswith the Quiet| location = Barony of Nottinghill Coill, Atlantia | status = Active | device = 


Argent, a mouse couchant vert


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Cyneswith the Quiet, Cyneswith of Lost Forest, Cyneswith inghean Domhnall Cyneswith is a scribe, youth officer, and an A&S enthusiast. Encouraging others in pursuing arts and science is her primary goal.


Cyneswith was born in 1285 AD to a lesser Scottish noble, Domnall, and an English mother. Her mother died in childbirth, and her dying wish was to name her daughter after the patron saint of the abbey where she was raised. Her father traveled a lot and was mostly mystified by what to do with a child, so Cyneswith mostly did as she pleased so long as it didn't cause complaints. What pleased Cyneswith was to learn.

Offices & Positions

Chronicler, MoAS, Seneschal for Stronghold of Lost Forest 2001-2004 MoAS for Canton of Brockore Abbey, 2017-present Youth Officer of Nottinghill Coill, 2018-present

Projects & Publications


Argent, a mouse couchant vert

Awards and Achievements

Awards 8/28/2004: Award of Arms (Calontir) Tribal Revelries Siridean and Sile

4/28/2018: Award of the Silver Nautilus (Atlantia) Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday Dietrich II and Una I

6/9/2018: Award of the Golden Cord (Nottinghill Coill), Storytelling & Bardic Workshop Lucien and Brig

10/6/2018: Companion of the Coral Branch, Fall Coronation 2018 Ragnarr V and Lynette II

11/17/2018: Award of the Golden Knot (Nottinghill Coill), Feast of St. Dismas Lucien and Brig

4/20/2019: Companion of the Gordian Knot (Nottinghill Coill), Feast of the Dragon Elphin and Delia

5/18/2019: Companion of the Opal, Gathering of the Clans - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday XIV Christoph II and Adelhait II

OP Entry

Classes Taught Monthly public calligraphy classes Basic Stained Glass 2 hour Tunics Handpies English Country Dance Bardic Beginning Irish Gaelic Basic Watercolor Paint Making Chainmail - half-Persian and 4 in 1 Woodcarving Persona Research Mead Brewing Bread Bowls