Cut and Thrust

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Cut and Thrust (C&T) is an advanced form of rapier combat with additional rules, armor requirements, and a separate authorization required to participate. It is similar to basic SCA rapier combat but adds the option of using controlled percussive cuts to the basic thrust and draw cuts.


Collage of finalists and HRM Dietrich at the April 2018 Kingdom Cut & Thrust Championship held at the Queens Rapier Championship event.

Additional Armor

In addition to the standard rapier armor requirements, Cut and Thrust participants must also wear rigid protection over the back of their heads and padding on their elbows. Atlantia also requires padding under the rigid back of the head covering. If two-handed swords are being used by any participant in the fight, all participants must have rigid hand protection. Please see the Atlantian and society rules for exact details on these requirements.


While combatants may choose to fight under C&T standards in any tournament that the marshal in charge allows, C&T competition generally takes place in separate tournaments. Atlantia has held two Kingdom C&T championships and there are typically multiple C&T tournaments at Pennsic.


Cut and Thrust excellence is recognized with the same awards as basic rapier: Shark's Tooth, Sea Dragon, Sea Stag, White Scarf, and Order of Defense