Counts and Countesses

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Counts and Countesses
(Tinctureless) A coronet embattled.
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Ruling a Kingdom once
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Counts and Countesses

A Count or Countess is a person who has reigned as King or Queen of a kingdom once. They are addressed as "Your Excellency" and referred to in the third person as "Count/Countess (given name)." They may wear a crenellated circlet to indicate their rank. As former royalty, they have a Patent of Arms and are considered Royal Peers.

Alternate titles for "Count"

  • Albanian: Kont
  • Arabic: Qadi
  • Catalan: Comte
  • Chinese: T'a Hóu
  • Czech: Hrab
  • Danish: Greve/Jarl
  • Dutch: Graaf
  • Estonian: Krahv
  • Finnish: Kreivi/Jaarli
  • French: Comte
  • German: Graf
  • Greek: Komes
  • Hebrew: Shilton
  • Hungarian: Foispan/Grof
  • Icelandic: Greifi
  • Irish Gaelic: Cunta/Iarla
  • Italian: Conte
  • Japanese: Haku-shaku
  • Latin: Comes
  • Mid. Norwegian: Greifi
  • Old English: Eorl
  • Old Norse: Jarl/Greifi
  • Polish: Hrabia
  • Portuguese: Conde
  • Romanian: Conte
  • Russian: Kniaz
  • Scots Gaelic: Iarla
  • Spanish: Conde
  • Swedish: Greve
  • Turkish: (Given name) Pasha
  • Welsh: Iarll/Gwledig

Alternate titles for "Countess"

  • Albanian: Konteshë
  • Arabic: Qadiya
  • Catalan: Comtessa
  • Chinese: Nu T'a Pó
  • Czech: Hrab nka
  • Danish: Grevinde
  • Dutch: Gravin
  • Estonian: Kravinna
  • Finnish: Kreivitär
  • French: Comtesse
  • German: Gräfin
  • Greek: Komitissa
  • Hebrew: Shiltanah
  • Hungarian: Föispanno/Grofnö
  • Icelandic: Greifafru
  • Irish Gaelic: Cuntaois
  • Italian: Contessa
  • Japanese: Haku-shaku-fujin
  • Latin: Comitessa
  • Mid. Norwegian: Greifafru
  • Old English: Hlaefdige
  • Old Norse: Greifynja
  • Polish: Hrabina
  • Portuguese: Condêssa
  • Romanian: Contesâ
  • Russian: Kniaginia
  • Scots Gaelic: Baniarla
  • Spanish: Condesa
  • Swedish: Grevinna
  • Turkish: Kontess
  • Welsh: Iarlles/Gwledig