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Resides: Shire of Roxbury Mill, Kingdom of Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Clara Brauer Heraldry.jpg



Clara is Shire of Roxbury Mill Exchequer and Minister of the Lists. Additionally she does calligraphy and illumination for Kingdom-level scrolls and sews garb and accessories.


Lady Clara Brauer is a tavern owner in late 16th Century Bremen, Germany. Fortuanately her parents paid for private tutors so she is able to read, write, and do simple arithmetic. Tragically she became a widow at an early age due to an unknown illness that often sweeps through port towns, but is able to continue to run the tavern thanks to her parents' foresight.


Argent, a pall wavy azure between in base an apple vert and an apple gules, both slipped and leaved vert.


Position Start Date End Date
Roxbury Mill Exchequer 2019 Present
Minister of the Lists 2016 Present
Roxbury Mill Deputy Exchequer 2017
Roxbury Mill Webminister 2017

Event Staff

Event Staff Position Date Group
Queen's Rapier Championship Event Steward 10/27/2018 Shire of Roxbury Mill


Classes Taught

Discipline Topic Event Date

Awards and Achievements

Kingdom Awards Date Category Level Kingdom Royals
Award of Arms 09/03/2016 None AoA Atlantia Dietrich I & Thora I
Companion of the Coral Branch 06/03/2017 A&S AoA Atlantia Cuan VII & Signy I
Award of the Fountain 09/23/2017 Service None Atlantia Cuan VII & Signy I
Companion of the Opal 10/27/2018 Service AoA Atlantia Ragnarr V & Lynette II