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Charles Fleming 14th C.jpeg

Lord Charles (the) Fleming of House Corvus
Resides: Middlegate, Barony of Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Fleming's Device.jpg

Registered Arms


Lord Charles (the) Fleming of House Corvus
Protege to Maistreas Aine O Grienan
Husband to Odile de Strasbourg
I first met the SCA in Ansteorra in 1976. Swashbuckling was pretty much invented in my college quad—rattan daggers and all—and a couple of guys who would later win some of the first White Scarves invited me to a weekend demo at the Texas Renaissance Faire. Back then it was all about wine, women, and song. I grew my first mustache to look manly in a wig.
First SCA Persona
I think my first armor was made of scrap carpet, with a borrowed helmet made from a Freon can. Later I upgraded to white plastic pipe salvaged from oilfield drilling mud samples.
I got married and settled down. Decades passed. Many years later, as a dad, I was looking for a way to get outdoors, go dancing, enjoy a sport, and give our home school a boost. The SCA met all the requirements, but I have to say my wife was suspicious given my earlier experience in the club. We found the Barony of Windmasters' Hill at the local Festival for the Eno and have been active since the turn of the century.
These days I’ve retired from fighting. Cooking is my big interest, especially making period food delicious and accessible. With my family and friends, I have cooked in the SCA every few months for years. Kitchen people are the best. I love English Country dance, working with children, improv comedy with the i Firenzi troupe, and creative camp furnishings. Lately I have also tried my hand at songwriting.
Charles Fleming 16th Century Spanish Charles Fleming with i Firenzi banner and Arlecchino

My house is on the border between Sacred Stone and Windmasters' Hill. I attend events in both directions. In 2019 I threw a party for all the armored fighting clubs in the area, including the Knights of Fiat Lux, HEMA, and the Triangle Sword Conservatory. I hope to make that a regular thing. As far as I'm concerned, if you strap on harness and trade licks you're a comrade in arms. It matters little whether you spar with rattan or bokken or rebated steel. They all have their pros and cons.


Date of Birth: 1310
Place of Origin: Ghent, Flanders
Creative Commons - Towers of Ghent
The seat of the Counts of Flanders and the largest town in western Europe during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Ghent was at the heart of the Flemish cloth trade. By 1350, the city boasted a population of 50,000, of whom no less than 5000 were directly involved in the industry.
Occupation: Soldier of the Weavers Guild, ally of the English at the Battle of Crecy, 1346
Charles Fleming in full kit
Edward III of England went to Ghent to be crowned king of France. His son John, duke of Lancaster, was called John (of) Gaunt because he was born there.
Flanders began the 14th Century by defeating the French and their local vassals in the Battle of the Golden Spurs. In the turbulent years that followed, Ghent was essentially ruled by guilds of tradesmen and their representatives. The guilds even maintained their own armies, of which I was a member.


Argent, a lion rampant sable, and on a chief vert three Latin crosses argent
Supported by a Spike and a Kittyhawk wearing a commedia mask

Awards and Achievements

AWARD OF ARMS, Kingdom of Atlantia (Logan IV and Isabel II) - Windmasters' Hill Baronial Champions - 6/28/2003
COMPANION OF THE ST. NICHOLAS, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Gaston and Rosalind) - Ymir - 2/9/2008
HONORARY CITIZEN OF WINDMASTERS' HILL, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Girard and Guenievre) - Academie of the Rapier - 5/9/2009
SUPPORTERS (Spike or Kittyhawk), Kingdom of Atlantia (Logan VI and Esa I) - Academie of the Rapier - 5/9/2009
COMPANION OF THE KITTY HAWK, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Callistus and Adriana) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/14/2015
AUGMENTATION OF ARMS (a commedia mask proper), Kingdom of Atlantia (Christoph I and Adelhait I) - Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival - 3/5/2016
AWARD OF THE NOTUS, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Callistus and Adriana) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/12/2016
AWARD OF THE EURUS, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Daemon and Typhaine) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/18/2017
AWARD OF THE EURUS, Barony of Windmasters' Hill (Daemon and Typhaine) - Buckston Birthday Bash - 11/18/2017
COMPANION OF THE CORAL BRANCH, Kingdom of Atlantia (Cuán VIII and Signy II) - Ymir 45 - 2/22/2020

Classes Taught in the Society

Charles Fleming Kids' Activities WOW 2019 Sigrid Charles Katherine teaching Heretic Gulf Wars 2017

  • Campaign Furniture on a Beer Budget (U of A 2002)
  • Secrets of Redaction Revealed! (Windmasters’ Hill Cooks & Performers Symposium 2015)
  • Designed and led a 10-week after-school enrichment program through the Citizen Schools organization. Used SCA crafts to teach high-tech skills to underprivileged middle-schoolers. Organized a Baronial demo for the kids afterward.
  • Heretic! (Gulf Wars 2012, Gulf Wars 2017, U of A 2018)
  • Potjiekos - Techniques for 3-legged iron cauldron (Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium 2019)
  • New and Old World Foods (Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium 2019)

Citizen Schools - Iron Man Curriculum - SCA Demo 2015 Group shot


House Corvus - Inducted 2019
Maison du Poulet Sable - Founding member 2017

Offices Held in the Society

Head Chef:
12-Nov-2016 Buckston’s Birthday
29-Jun-2019 Another Foolish Event

Commedia Roles

Drunken Sailor - Ymir 2016
Dottore - Atlantian 12th Night 2018
Feste - Ymir 2018
Ymir the Frost Giant - Journey Through The Nine Realms 2019
Nick Bottom - Atlantian 12th Night 2020
Nick Bottom - Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival 2020
Charles and Odile play Bottom and Titania