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[[|200px|thumb|left| Harvest Wars, September 2019]]
[[Image:Harvest19.jpg|300px]]| Harvest Wars, September 2019.
== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==

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Bruce of Emerald Glen
Resides: Barony of Lochmere, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Vert a triangle voided and interlaced with a triquetra inverted argent.


Well met, good gentles. Many of you do not know me and so an introduction is in order. An introduction is a significant thing-—it is a definition of who you are. And so, here is my story (rest assured that every word of it is true):

I am Bruce of Emerald Glen. In my youth, a have driven a chariot of steel across a desert beyond the Valley of Death. I have marched through the dark forests beyond the Danube. I sojourned in a land beyond the sunrise. I was carried by the great warship of the Emancipator. I rode through a Babylonian sandstorm which turned day into night and camped in the ruined palace of an overthrown tyrant.

Now, my youth is spent. And so I have laid aside the implements of war, but my son follows in my footsteps. He too has driven a chariot beyond the Valley of Death at the vanguard of paladins and he has marched through the dark forests beyond the Elba. But that is his story to tell.

As for me, in all my travels I won neither fame nor fortune, but in those long years I journeyed far enough to have gained a little wisdom. This is what I have learned: I do not desire fame or fortune, but instead I seek your friendship.


8th Century Northumbrian Anglo-Saxon.


Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild

Thrown Weapons

Scribal Arts

Bardic Circles

Harvest19.jpg| Harvest Wars, September 2019.

Offices & Positions

Herald Shire of Emerald Glen, Drachenwald 1992-1994
Rapier Champion Shire of Emerald Glen, Drachenwald 1993