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[1] Welcome to the Barony of Lochmere, the Central Maryland chapter of the Kingdom of Atlantia and the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Link to the Barony of Lochmere's Facebook page.

We are an organization dedicated to researching and recreating the history, martial arts, and arts & sciences of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. In the Barony of Lochmere, you can dress, fight, dance, and sing like it’s the Middle Ages, or you can just come on out and learn more about the how and why of medieval history and crafts.

Baronial History

Baron Baroness Investiture Date Devestiture Date
Aelfred of Cres Deirdre of Lochmere August 20, 1988 (AS 23) May 25, 1991 (AS 26)
Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen Siobhan O'Riordain May 25, 1991 (AS 26) May 2, 1992 (AS 27)
Álvaro Rodrigo de León Inés de Avila May 1, 1993 (AS 28) April 27, 1996 (AS 30)
Reynard de la Rochefoucauld Diana Rhys of Carmarthen April 27, 1996 (AS 30) November 30, 1996 (AS 31)
Reynard de la Rochefoucauld none November 30, 1996 (AS 31) April 15, 2000 (AS 34)
Robert Bedingfield Isobel Gildingwater of Ditchingham April 15, 2000 (AS 34) September 27, 2003 (AS 38)
Ælfgar Greyseas Aryanna Hawkyns September 27, 2003 (AS 38) September 10, 2005 (AS 40)
Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov Medb ingen Brain September 10, 2005 (AS 40) September 27, 2008 (AS 43)
Dominick Elphinstone Margery Winterbourne September 27, 2008 (AS 43) September 11, 2010 (AS 45)
Galmr Ingolfsson Eydís Herjólfsdóttir September 11, 2010 (AS 45) September 13, 2014 (AS 49)
Gabrell Fairecloughe Avice Claremond September 13, 2014 (AS 49) September 23, 2017 (AS 52)
Cormacc ua Rígáin Sarra de Vicenza September 23, 2017 (AS 52) December 12, 2020 (AS 55)
Linhart Von Marburg Letia Thistelthueyt December 12, 2020 (AS 55) Current

Baronial Awards

Orders of Merit

Badge Order Name Description
AzureHeron.jpg Order of the Azure Heron Given to those who are friends of Lochmere and contribute though living outside of her borders.
BlastedOak.png Order of the Blasted Oak Given to members of the barony who have exhibited exemplary service to the barony.
CrabClaw.jpg Order of the Crab Claw Given to members of the barony who have distinguished themselves by excelling in the martial arts.
EaglesFeather.png Order of the Eagle's Feather Given to members of the barony who have achieved excellence in the arts and sciences.
GoldenArrow.png Order of the Golden Arrow Given to members of the barony who have exhibited excellence in archery and archery instruction.
Order of the Sable Branch Awarded to new to Lochmere individuals in consideration of their service and contributions to the Barony.
SilverTortoise.jpg Order of the Silver Tortoise Presented for overwhelming service and courtesy and embodying what it means to be of Lochmere.

Repeatable Awards

Badge Award Name Description
Alerion.png Award of the Alerion Youth and children’s award (under 18) for service and participation in the Barony.
AwardofCourtesy.jpg Award of Courtesy of Lochmere Given in recognition of uncommon courtesy.
AwardofExcellence.jpg Award of Excellence of Lochmere Given to recognize an individual or group whose actions have enriched the Barony.