Award of the Sea Urchin

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Award of the Sea Urchin
"(Fieldless) A sea-urchin naiant argent."
Awarded for
Service, martial arts, arts and sciences
Presented by
King and Queen of Atlantia
Date created
OP page
Award of the Sea Urchin

The The Award of the Sea Urchin is a Youth Award that honors and recognizes those children (up to and including the age of 12), who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the Kingdom of Atlantia in service, martial activities, and/or arts and sciences.

With the addition of the Hippocampus in August 1998, the eligible recipients for this award were changed from children age 16 and under to children age 12 and under. In February 2009, this recognition was designated an award and the age range expanded to all youth 17 and under. In November 2011, this award was again restricted to youth age 12 and under. The first Sea Urchin was given to Elizabeth of Marinus on September 26, 1992, at the hands of TRM Steffan and Twila.