Aurri La Borgne

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Aurri La Borgne - photo to be added soon!
Resides: Barony of Highland Foorde
Status: Active
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Per saltire argent and sable, a bee proper. within a bordure Or


To escape the spread of The Black Death, Aurri La Borgne fled with her parents at a young age from Auvergne to Dauphiné in the Southeast of France in hopes of finding work away from the plague so they could continue to raise their family. Dauphiné was prosperous in that they were successful to find a forge for her father to work out of with while her mother sold simple breads from the home. Tragically Aurri lost her mother and future sibling during complications in childbirth a few years later. Struggling to stay a float with the emotional trauma of losing his wife, Aurri's father sold her to a brother at the age of 14 and disappeared, assuming to try and find solace elsewhere.

During her time in the brothel, Aurri continued her mother's baking of simple breads and brought in extra coin for her efforts and passed it down to the young girls who followed after her.



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