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The Arts and Sciences are the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Participants research, study, and practice these skills and then share their results with others. They can be seen in use and on display at events - such as the recipes used for a feast, the armor worn in combat, the scrolls presented in Court, and the garb worn at events.

Research Links

The Atlantian office of the Minister of Arts and Sciences maintains an extensive list of links on any imaginable A&S topic here on its website.



Animals & Animal Husbandry

Bees, Beekeeping & Apiculture, Birds of Prey, Falconry & Hawking, Cats, Cattle, Deer, Dogs, Hounds & Coursing, Fish & Fishing, Fowl, Poultry & Aviculture, Horses, Hunting, Rabbits, Hares & Cuniculture, Sheep & Oviculture, Silkworms & Sericulture

Antler, Horn, Bone & Ivory Carving

Armor & Weaponry

Anglo-Saxon Armor, Archery Equipment, Arm Armor, Armor Stands, Breastplates, Coat of Plates, Fencing Armor, Gambesons & Padded Armor, Gorgets, Helmets, Japanese Armor, Lamellar, Leather Armor, Leg Armor, Lorica Segmentata, Mail, Martial Surcoats, Mongolian Armor, Shields, Siege Engines, Swords, Viking Armor, Weapons for SCA Combat

Beads & Beadwork

Bead Embroidery, Beads as Jewelry, Paternosters, Rosaries & Prayer Beads, Patterns & Techniques, Rose Petal Beads

Beverages, Brewing & Vinting

Beer & Ale, Cider & Perry, Cordials & Liqueur, Hops, Mead, Melomel & Metheglin, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Wine & Vinification


Furniture Construction, Lighting, Other Structures for SCA Camping, Pavilions & Tentmaking, Windscreens & Running Walls, Yurts & Ghers

Cooking & Food

Baking & Bread, Cheesemaking, Culinary Bibliographies, Dietetics, Entremets, Illusion Foods & Subtleties, Etiquette & Serving, Feast Gear, Tableware & Eating Utensils, History of Food & Foods, Household Linens, Cooking for SCA Events, Ovens, Pasta, Sauces & Condiments, Spices

Costume & Clothing

Culture, History & Religion

Africa, Asia & the Orient, British Isles, Byzantium, Christianity & the Christian Church, Eastern Europe, Germanic Tribes, Romani & Domari, Islam, Jews and Judaism, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe

Domestic Sciences

Cosmetics & Hairstyling, Handsewing, Lighting, Soapmaking

Embroidery & Needlework

Applique & Quilting, Assisi Work/Voided Work, Bayeux Tapestry, Bead Embroidery, Blackwork, Canvaswork, Cross Stitch, Embroidered Bookbindings, Embroidery Patterns, Heraldic Embroidery, Metal Thread Embroidery, Needlelace, Period Pattern-Books for Embroidery & Lacemaking, Opus Anglicanum, Pattern Darning, Smocking, Stumpwork, Whitework

Fine Arts

Glassworking, Mosaic, Painting, Pottery & Ceramics, Sculpture & Stone Carving

Games, Pastimes, & Toys

Ball Games, Board Games, Card Games, Dice & Dice Games, Kites

Heraldry & Armorial Display


Carving & Tooling Leather, Dyeing Leather, Leather Armor, Leather Drinking-Vessels, Saddles, Scabbards & Sheaths, Shoes & Shoemaking, Tanning Leather


Dutch Literature, English Literature, French Literature, German Literature, Greek & Byzantine Literature, Iberian Literature, Irish Literature, Italian Literature, Japanese Literature, Jewish Literature, Latin Literature, Middle Eastern Literature, Polish Literature, Russian Literature, Scandinavian & Viking Literature, Welsh Literature

Martial Arts

Historic manual translation, Historic technique interpretation, Adapting historic technique to SCA combat, Tournaments & Pas d'Armes


Bezants, Blacksmithing, Casting, Coins, Coin-minting & Currency, Embossing, Jewelry & Jewelrymaking, Locksmithing, Metallurgy & Smelting, Repousse

Performing Arts

Bardic Arts, Dance, Jesters & Fools, Juggling, Legerdemain, Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Drama & Mumming

Period Documents & Language Arts

Ciphers, Codes & Cryptography, Correspondence & Letter-Writing, Language, Linguistics & Onomastics, Monastic sign lexicons, Period Documents, Books, Codices & Treatises

Physical Sciences

Alchemy, Astronomy & Cosmology, Cartography, Geography & Navigation, Ciphers, Codes & Cryptography, Engineering, Horology, Mathematics, Medicine & Physic, Natural History, Optics

Scribal Arts

Bookbinding, Calligraphy & Paleography, Drawing, Gilding, Heraldry for Scribes, Illumination, Non-Western Calligraphy & Illumination, Printing, Scribal Arts & Scriptoria, Scribal Tools, Seals & Sealing Wax, Wax Tablets, Writing Surfaces

Textiles & Textile Arts

Braids & Cords, Dyes & Dyeing, Felting, Fibers & Fabrics, Hairnets & Netting, Knitting, Lacemaking, Looms & Weaving, Nalbinding, Printing Fabrics, Spinning, Sprang


Basketry, Cooperage, Finishes & Paints for Woodworking, Furniture Construction, Musical Instruments, Pyrography, Shipbuilding, Siege Engines, Sleds, Sleighs, and Sledges, Tools, Wheeled Vehicles, Woodcarving