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Dona Amathullah Luciano
Resides: Middlegate, Barony of Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry

Registered Arms


AmaLuci joined the SCA in 1982 in the shire of Kapellenburg in WindMasters Hill. Then she was a Chinese warrior/merchant with the name of "Hsiao Tyanshi Li".

In 1993 the name “Amathullah Luciano” passed and thus the Dona was born. Amathullah is a time traveler mostly staying between the 12th and 16th century. The majority of her personal narrative takes place from 1346 and 1369 which is "present day" for her. However the classes I teach and some of the clothing I wear are from 1490 to 1600.


Amathullah is the daughter of an African potter and a Greek ambassador.When she was 10 she was sent to the ambassador’s brother in Spain to escape a tribal uprising. There she added his last name of "Luciano". At the age of 23 she meet the warrior Juan Martin de Amarat and they married and settled in Alhama, Amathullah making pottery while Juan continued to serve in the Sultan’s army.

The two of them had two sons Cristobal and Miguel. Juan was killed in the Sultan’s battles to keep Granada from the Europeans so Amathullah raised her boys alone until they too went to fight for the Sultan.

Miguel got injured in battle so now remains at home to help with the pottery shop. He is the one that Arabic male buyers see when they do business with the shop since males do not do business with females, though it is Amathullah who set the prices and makes the pottery.

Cristobal returned from war with a young wife and a son of his own. Illness took the young wife from them and now Amathullah helps him raise the little boy, Cristobal Junior. "CJ" is her new pride and joy though he will probably be the death of her.


Sable, a gauntlet fesswise sustaining a torch palewise Or enflamed argent.

The following badge associated with this name was registered in November of 2016 (via Atlantia): (Fieldless) A spider gules.

Awards and Achievements

Flame of the Phoenix

Grant of Arms