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Photo pending
Resides: Barony of , Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
My Device2.jpg

Registered Arms


Aemilia has been a member of the SCA since 2010/11. A little fun fact, her name was originally Magdalena but no one could remember her name so she changed it to something closer to her mundane name. Her surname is in memory of her mother in law Rose.

Aemilia’s persona is Rus/Viking and she was sent off to learn something scholarly as her nose was more often in old texts. She ended up becoming a world traveler and learning the ways of old monks and learned the art of penmanship and illumination skills.

Area of Study

Aemilia has been a calligrapher since the age of 16. It was a natural fit to pick it up again when she joined the SCA with her husband. She started Calligraphy with Illumination in 2011. Aemilia quickly became interested in the works of Albrecht Durer, a famous Woodcutter and Engraver in 2013. She started making scrolls based on his works and the works of others.

Aemilia is also working on a new project.

Offices & Positions

Clerk Signet, College of Heralds, (Atlantia) 2016-present

Deputy Chronicler (Bright Hills) 2019 - Present

Deputy Webminister (Bright Hills) 2011 - 2018

Bright Hills Baronial Clerk Signet 2011- 2018

Bright Hills Baronial A&S Champion 2016

Royal Scrivener (Atlantia) (Seonaid and Michael 61)

Royal Scrivener (Atlantia) (Dietrich and Thora 71)

Backlog Deputy to the Office of the Clerk Signet, College of Heralds - 2011-2014


Vert, a domestic cat's head cabossed ermine maintaining in its mouth an artist's paintbrush fesswise argent, a bordure ermine.

Awards and Achievements


Barony of Bright Hills


Companion of the Augean Stables

Companion of Tessa

Companion of Job

Arts & Sciences

Companion of the Shell and Crescent

Baronial Award of Excellence

Kingdom of Atlantia


Award of Arms

Companion of the Opal

Award the Undine - William I and Kára I

Award of the Undine - Michael X and Seonaid VIII

Award of the Undine - William II and Alyna I

Award of the Undine - Amos II and Kára II

Augmentation of Arms

Order of the Golden Dolphin

Award of the Fountain

Court Baroness

Arts & Sciences

Companion of the Coral Branch

Companion of the Pearl

Classes Taught

I Want to Be a Scribe, Now What -UA89

The Fundamentals of Scroll Design - UA90

Stick Weaving - UA94

A Review of Scribal Guidelines by the Clerk Signet - UA97

Scriptorium - Hosted 4 people, sharing of scribal knowledge.

Acanthus Leaves - Bright Hills Baronial Birthday 2016

I Want to Be a Scribe, Now What - Bright Hills Fighter Practice

Illumination & Scroll Layout - Bright Hills Fighter Practice

Shading - Bright Hills Fighter Practice

How to make Scroll Blanks for Beginners - Bright Hills Fighter Practice

War of the Wings 2015, 2016, 2017 all day Scriptorium


Bright Hills Scribal Schola 2013

Bright Hills Scribal Schola 2014

Competitions Sponsored and Organized

Kingdom 12th Night Backlog Competition

Royal Scrivener Competition XLIX, L

Crown Tourney Awesome Scroll Competition 2016

Harvest Wars Illumination Challenge 2016

Harvest Wars Illumination Challenge 2017

Bright Hills Baronial Birthday Illumination Challenge 2017

Bright Hills Baronial Birthday Illumination in Miniature Challenge 2018

Kingdom 12th Night Scroll Blank Competition 2018

Mystery Scribal Challenge, Fall Coronation of Cuan and Signy 2019

My A&S Work (Apprenticed to Mistress Martelle Von Charlottenburg)

Baronial Scrolls completed- 23

Kingdom Scrolls completed - 99

Kingdom Scrolls completed calligraphy only - 53

Poeta Atlantia Scrolls - 8, 2016

Mystery Scribal Challenge 2011, 2012

St. Sebastian’s II Pennsic Archery Shoot Award Scrolls

Lochmere Arrow Archery Shoot Award Scrolls, 2014, 2015

St. Sebastian’s V Pennsic Archery Shoot Award Scrolls 2015

Projects and Publications

Curator and Admin for the SCA Calligraphy FB Group

Curiosity Corner “Cat’s in the Middle Ages” October Yeomen Newsletter - Bright Hills

Curiosity Corner - “Woodcuts & Engravings” November Yeoman Newsletter - Brighthills

Curiosity Corner - “ How Grotesque“ December Yeoman Newsletter - Brighthills

Other Service

Archer Registration / Score Keeper

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2012

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2013

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2014

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2015

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2016

St Sebastian at Pennsic 2017

Lochmere Arrow 2012

Lochmere Arrow 2013

Lochmere Arrow 2014

Lochmere Arrow 2015

Lochmere Arrow 2016

Lochmere Arrow 2017

Lochmere Arrow 2018

Royal Kingdom Archery Shoot 2018

Royal Kingdom Archery Shoot 2019


Apprenticed to Mistress Martelle von Charlottenburg 2012-present

Member - House Corvus 2018 - Present