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I research Phoenician-Punic culture, history, and dress, with a focus on the central and western Mediterranean. This includes consideration of pervasive syncretism with surrounding cultures, responsible for more than a few info dives and tangents, and persistence through Roman times, which is why you all get to deal with this peculiar-seeming Neo-Punic persona.

I also sew, weave (a little), cook, garden, dye (a little), do mostly cold jewelry work, am learning lampworking, am about to get back into pottery, and am perpetually learning Spanish, Phoenician, French, Italian, and Latin, mostly poorly, but this is all secondary to or in support of the big, (overly) ambitious research project.

(Note: name was previously Aelia Sophoniba. There are many variations of the name from ancient literary sources with varying degrees of interpretation and transliteration- "Suphunibal" is directly from an inscription from Roman era Tripolitania.)


Suphunibal bat Abdeshmun bn Bodmilqart bn Arish, or Aelia Suphunibal among the Romans, is a jewelry merchant from the oppidum liberum of Leptiminus. She is, at other times, a Carthaginian, contemporary to the Athenian invasion of Sicily. Time periods represented expand alongside work on the subject.

In this, the 699th Olympiad, she can frequently be found among the local Celts, Romans, and Numidians.

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Working: red lion in front of a purple date palm tree on a gold field.

Awards and Achievements

  • Baronial A&S Champion, Highland Foorde, 6/1/19-1/11/20