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Resides: Barony of Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence Entry
Adelhait fuchs.gif

Registered Arms


Adelhait was born in the early 16th century within the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. Through marriage, privilege and war, Adelhait rose from a Lady to a Countess and eventually through her husband’s prowess a Duchess. Adelhait is a Patroness of the sacred and most devout L'abbaye des Abeilles. She is a fine equestrian, a studious administrator of Honey Badger Tavern. She consistently and successfully administrates a variety of estate tasks and does her best to guide Companions on the path they desire to follow.

SCA History

While looking for mundane activities on the internet in 2000, one day Adelhait searched for “horses and pretty dresses”; with that she found the SCA, within the Kingdom of Ansteorra, the Barony of Steppes. She immediately commissioned a gates of hell and cotehardie in which she could still ride her horse Dance Magic. As the SCA does, she was befriended and taken in by a wonderful woman, who showed her the family, love and acceptance of the SCA. Her horse Dance Magic has the distinction of being the first horse in Ansteorra to receive an AoA, him having received it before her (who received it immediately after). In 2006 she moved to Atlantia to the Barony of WindMaster’s Hill.


Many people understand a protegee, apprentice or squire relationship, but not many know of a Companion. The status of Companion was created by Duchess Luned. A Rose, while not a Laurel, Pelican or Knight is a Peer of the Kingdom of Atlantia and as such has the ability, like any other peer or person to guide an individual, be a support system and encourage students. Duchess Adelhait has two companions, Baroness Margaret Lad and Baroness Marguerite de Vienne.

Offices Held

Barony of Steppes:

Equestrian Marshall – 2001

Queen, Atlantia – 2014/2015

Queen, Atlantia – 2018/2019


Co-Autocrat Ansteorra Kingdom 12th Night

Co-Chamberlain to TRMs Michael X and Seonaid VIII

Reservationist WoW 2018


Co-Owner of Honey Badger Tavern

Matriarch of House Honey Badger (Not to be confused with the Tavern)

Patroness of the L'abbaye des abeilles (Atlantian Courtesan Guild)


Azure, a unicorn's head issuant from base and in chief two seeblätter argent

Awards and Achievements


Award Date Award Name Event Bestowed By
5/24/2003 Award of Arms (Ansteorra) ENA* BNA*
7/9/2004 Golden Bridle (Ansteorra) ENA* BNA*
11/16/2013 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) Serfs' Uprising (Windmaster's Hill) Ragnarr IV and Lynette I
4/5/2014 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Coronation of King William & Queen Kara (Atlantia) Ragnarr IV and Lynette I
5/2/2015 Award of the Fountain (Atlantia) Spring Crown 2015 (Ponte Alto) Logan VII and Esa II
4/2/2016 Countess (Atlantia) Spring Coronation (Atlantia) Dietrich I and Thora I
4/2/2016 Patent of Arms (Atlantia) Spring Coronation (Atlantia) Dietrich I and Thora I
4/2/2016 Order of the Rose (Atlantia) Spring Coronation (Atlantia) Dietrich I and Thora I
10/7/2017 Award of the Undine (Atlantia) Fall Coronation 2017 (Border Vale Keep) Cuán VII and Signy I
10/5/2019 Duchess (Atlantia) Fall Coronation (Storvik) Cuan VIII and Signy II

Atlantia Order of Precedence