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Official badge of the Academie d'Espee

The Academie d’Espee exists to promote the practice and enjoyment of period style combat with the rapier and related weapons as well as service to both Atlantian Rapier and the Kingdom of Atlantia. Period style includes the use of sixteenth-century fencing techniques, fighting dress and demeanor (on and off the field) and the development of personae appropriate for an individual practicing the rapier in the later period. Service to Atlantian Rapier includes promoting such activities as tournaments and classes. Service to the Kingdom of Atlantia includes pursuing such activities as would benefit the Kingdom beyond those normally expected of an individual.

The Academie d'Espee has three (3) official ranks: scholar, free scholar, and provost. These ranks do not correspond with Kingdom awards and exist only within the rapier community. When a new member joins the Acadmie with beginner level experience in rapier, they are known as a scholar, take the Scholar's Oath, and are presented with a blue scarf to wear on their left arm. When they reach novice level prowess, are participating in the rapier community by performing service, and have started to become a leader among their peers, three (3) provosts may sponsor the scholar to be elevated to the rank of free scholar. Upon becoming a free scholar, the rapier fighter takes the Free Scholar's Oath, participates in a prize fight where they display their skills in a publicly against the community, and are given a gold scarf to wear on their left arm.

The Crown asks the Order of the White Scarf to poll on candidates for elevation. The white scarves vote based on if a candidate meets the criteria agreed upon to recommend elevation to join the Order. One does not need to be apart of the Academie d'Espee to be elevated to the Order of the White Scarf; however, if they take the Provost's Oath, they are also given the Academie rank of provost.

Existing outside of the Academie but still closely tied to its membership is the Order of Defense.


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